The golden age of MotoGP testers

Something is changing in the MotoGP World Championship. The brands have already realized the growing importance of the figure of the tester, and what ultimately is the most important, are beginning to act accordingly.

Especially the Japanese factories, which are slowly becoming aware of their loyal local pilots, being necessary for the development of their machines; they may not be enough to understand what the problems of these bikes will be when they are carried to the limits that the official pilots reach.

Therefore, it is not strange that up to half of the brands present in the premier category have new features in their respective templates of test drivers for the pre-season tests that will take place at the Sepang International Circuit at the end of the month. In fact, all except Yamaha will have a European track tester, something that not so long ago was practically unthinkable in regard to Japanese brands.

It can be considered that it was Ducati who initiated this escalation of signings with the hiring of Michele Pirro, a pilot of the highest level who pays the top ten each time he has to make a wild card in MotoGP and has been a vital part in the evolution of the Desmosedici in recent years. Pirro was joined by Casey Stoner, which undoubtedly placed the Italian brand in the first position in terms of test equipment.

After the Austrian KTM would break into the category, and would do nothing more and nothing less than the Finn Mika Kallio as a tester and third driver in a handful of great prizes; a pilot with experience in MotoGP and with a higher level than the testers of other Japanese brands.

Pirro, Stoner and Kallio have made it clear that European brands have been ahead of the Japanese in terms of their ‘test teams’, marking the evolution of the current paradigm of the MotoGP World Championship in tenor of the results obtained in this 2017, where they have been the brands that have surprised the most.

And the Japanese? Well, it seems that, at last, they are realizing the importance of having a tester of the highest level, and are beginning to get down to work to not be left behind.

The first was Suzuki, who has spent years trusting the evolution of his GSX-RR to the local Takuya Tsuda, a trusted pilot with great experience, but whose pace is not comparable to that of Team Suzuki Ecstar.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, as they did last year with the injury of Álex Rins, they have relied on a pilot who is well experienced but whose level of driving is much higher than that of the Japanese: the French Sylvain Guintoli. Like Ducati with Stoner, Suzuki now has a world champion in charge of the development and improvement of his MotoGP machine. MotoGP is one of the most powerful commodities in racing motorcycle gambling and anyone can be involved in this activity. If you are a gambling maniac who wants to earn a lot of money from racing motorcycles, you can discover intense racing action at William Hill.