Renault Megane Coupe GT Line dCi 130 (2014) Car review

Renault’s up to date the total Megane variety for 2014, grafting on a me-way too Clio nose, revised engines, and cabin tweaks. This is probably the most exciting of the lot – a restyled Megane with the most powerful diesel engine offered. Sounds like a great recipe for a grunty, funky hatch.

One more Renault with a absurd title to explain, no question?

The formal title of the Megane estate Car reviewed recently was a mouthful, but this Coupe ratchets up the moniker silliness. It is, in reality, the Renault Megane Coupe GT Line TomTom Vitality dCi a hundred thirty Quit and Start. And breathe.

Why has this car got a name longer than a Tolkien novel?

Forgive the R&ampB lexicon: let us break it down. ‘GT Line’ is an gear stage – never suppose this is a heat hatch sprinkled with Renaultsport magic dust. You get a silver-trimmed bodykit and distinctive 17in alloys, furthermore a dash of fake carbon trim, two supportive seats up front, and red stitching. There are (seemingly) delicate chassis revisions, which we are going to get to soon.

TomTom is of course the built-in sat-nav as common, but our check vehicle binned that for the £300 touchscreen R-url interface. Crammed into the Megane midway through its life cycle, it is a square peg in a spherical hole – we’ve explored the flaws in much more detail in our 2014 Megane Sports activities Tourer review right here.

What does all that engine jargon imply?

‘Energy’ is the identify Renault is implementing to its 2014 System One powerplants – that is the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6s with heaps of electric powered increase for overtaking zip. Like Ferrari allying its new turbocharged California T with the pressured induction period of F1, it really is predictable that Renault desires its wildly successful F1 motor programme to rub off in the showroom – but there isn’t much in the way of racing pedigree under the bonnet. It is a four-pot diesel, for goodness’ sake!

The engine in query is Renault’s greatest diesel, however. The 1.6-litre 4-cylinder offers 128bhp and 236lb ft (the strongest figures in the 1.six-litre turbodiesel class), and has supremely cleanse eco-qualifications. Spitting 104g/km out from beneath the silver rear diffuser sits the Megane Coupe a tax band reduced than a in the same way potent VW Scirocco 2. TDI. The Megane’s other principal rival, the three-doorway ‘coupe’ Vauxhall Astra GTC , is down on electricity and up on CO2. It seems to be that bit sexier although. Pick your weapon

If you’ve got looked at the spec box and scoffed at the 70.6mpg declare, you are really appropriate to. Our check automobile averaged a a lot more realistic (and still respectable) 50.4mpg in gentle cruising and only dropped to forty seven.5mpg when we aided ourselves to the meat of the torque-band – which musters only 29lb ft much less than the superb Renaultsport Megane 265 sizzling hatch. Talking of which

Does the Megane Coupe push like a minimize-price RS Megane?

It truly is very good – maybe even blessed with a much better chassis than you may well anticipate of a cooking Renault, but there is tiny of the chassis fizz and playful adjustability the RS-tuned vehicle gives.

Just having a decently judged steering wheel size and condition presents the Megane Coupe a much more nice ‘handshake’ than the Astra’s first effect. Beyond that, it’s not a laugh-out-loud steer. A 12mm suspension fall for the GT does not invigorate the dealing with, but chuck in a few potholes and a pimply surface and the Coupe GT Line exaggerates the imperfections, and it is not effectively-refined, possibly.

The engine may score Environmentally friendly Celebration membership like a point out-of-the-artwork derv should, but its turbo lag thwack is really previous school. We’re employed to viewing peak torque in these downsized turbo mills arrive at all around 1500-1800rpm, but the Megane gives nothing at all until finally 2000rpm shows on the cantered tachometer.

Nevertheless once the torque comes, the 1.six trades its tardiness for a unexpected surge. Amusing, sure, but the thrust before long tails off again. We’d trade one-off sucker punch for a a lot more steady workrate in a heartbeat. The claimed -62mph time is 9.8sec, but from the bolstered, lofty driver’s chair, it feels like -10mph will take about 8 of those seconds, just before the Millennium Falcon’s jump-to-hyperspace mode is engaged. Thwack.

Something else?

If you are getting the Coupe for its eye-catching humpbacked styling, be conscious of the practicality pitfalls. Being a ‘coupe’, the further-long size of the doorways make it more challenging to get in and out in limited spaces, for occasion. And, even though you can have a crisply annotated reversing digicam to negate the Dunkirk pillbox rear visibility, it charges an extortionate £600. Our take a look at auto, what with its heated leather-based seats, sunroof, metallic paint and spare wheel racked up a £24,535 ask – £1590 earlier mentioned checklist.

Pricey for a diesel Renault

Prefer a Scirocco? Far better e-book some extra time. Go for the same spec as our Megane GT test automobile and you are hovering close to £28k. Comparatively, the Renault is the price range proposition, which in change makes it less difficult to overlook the sound but uninspiring dashboard, borrowed from the humdrum Megane five-doorway and limited of the Coupe’s exterior pizzazz. At this position, we could mention the sub-£20k Kia Move forward coupe


The Megane Coupe GT Line is certainly a more rounded automobile than its Clio GT stablemate , which tries also hard to be a pretend RS Clio. The Megane is a lot a lot more comfortable than the RS variation (brittle journey notwithstanding) and wins points for undercutting the other three-door ‘coupes’ close to.

On the downside, its clear motor dawdles as well much from getaway, and it’s a competent instead than entertaining drive. Ideal bet? Strip out the trinkets and maximise the price tag gain, or shell out a few extra notes a thirty day period for the cooler Scirocco.