Jaguar F-type Coupe V6 S (2014) review

This is the Jaguar F-type Coupe most buyers will think about, in accordance to the business. We have currently examined the new tin-top F-sort in rabid R sort – but this is our review of the greater-selling V6 S model, which sells for a whopping £24,750 significantly less.

It really is an unusually good-hunting auto, the F-kind Coupe. Even though the roadster is not exactly still left wanting in the looks office, the addition of the hard top has – to these eyes – turned the F into a gorgeous piece of package. The front and rear just look to gel in an specially slinky style and the curvaceous rear haunches are an additional Ian Callum masterpiece. Does anybody do greater wheelarches at the back than Jag’s layout director?

Pleasingly (are you reading through this Porsche?), Jaguar has priced the F-type Coupe beneath the roadster. You will find no reverse pricing logic below, in contrast to on the Boxster/Cayman twins. The most affordable F-type Coupe is the V6, which fees £51,250, while our much more strong V6 S retails at £60,250. So it really is nonetheless adrift nearer 911 than Cayman in price tag, but at least now it truly is 7 grand more affordable than the roadster, which assists chip away at that top quality.

Jaguar F-kind Coupe V6 S: power, specs

Each V6 models use the common 2995cc V6, breathed on by a supercharger to produce a choice of 335bhp or 374bhp. Torque remains around 330lb ft on each models, and that pulling power is accessible all the way from 3500-5000rpm many thanks to the mechanical blower.

These are strong automobiles, then, cementing their positioning mid-way in between their rivals, the 911 and Cayman. But all that poke will be necessary given that, disappointingly, the F-kind Coupe continues to be somewhat porkier than we would like. Taking into consideration its mostly aluminium construction, we regret to observe that the F-kind V6 S Coupe weighs the incorrect aspect of 1700kg, in accordance to independent assessments, though Jag quotes ‘from 1594kg’.

Still, Jaguar rates a punchy -62mph time of 4.8sec and best pace is rated at 171mph. Meanwhile, blended economic system stands at a claimed 31mpg and CO2 emissions are 213g/km.

1st impressions of the Jag F-type Coupe

When you’ve got stopped ogling the mighty good trend perception of this – I’ve acquired to say it once again – lovely coupe, it is time to phase inside of. The F-variety Coupe is effectively developed, with precise shutlines, a lustrous end to its paintwork and best interest to element all over the place we seemed.

Approach the vehicle and faucet the small button on the door manage. Out pops a skinny slither of a doorway take care of in one particular of the most stunning delights you may find on any car door. Callum likes such abnormal jolts and the novelty is not going to put on off for some time (till it stops doing work, I guess, but there is a guide override for such an eventuality).

Slip within the F and you’re faced with a cosy cabin. The wraparound sports seats are really comfortable and established minimal, offering a check out throughout a long bonnet whose contrasting black air vents trace at the power onboard in the meantime above your shoulder the look at is framed by an ovoid rear window with overtones of E-variety and a pop-up rear spoiler with a notable Jag leaper bisects the look at like a parodying billboard aimed at the driver. The cockpit itself is a revelation for a Jaguar: it’s unashamedly sporting, with only a handful of big, chunky controls for the air flow, a massive touchscreen and not a whole lot else. Ours was concluded in wonderful leather-based. Time to hit the start button.

Jaguar F-sort Coupe review: on the road

The V6 S starts off up with an enthusiastic burble. The centrally mounted rear exhaust pipes are huge – and so is the seem. Dab the brakes, choose D (you will find no handbook F-kind, but) and off you pootle, the coupe a cinch to travel close to town thanks to the 8-pace automated ‘box operated by an digital wand instead than JLR’s desired rotary dial.

The automobile transmission will help give this car a Jekyll and Hyde character. It’s an effortless everyday driver, abetted by the arrival of a much more valuable 315-litre boot (it truly is for a longer time, further and wider than the risible roadster loadbay and ours had remote operation), niceties these kinds of as heated front monitor to assist wintry fingers, a fab glass roof flooding the cabin with delicate daylight and a switchable exhaust.

In regular running, the exhaust be aware is naturally V6 but much more muted. Faucet the sports activities exhaust button and all hell brakes free. The F-variety stays an extremely sonic proposition and minor of the screaming anger of the V6 is lost with the addition of a tin-best roof. In handbook method on your favorite again road, the F Coupe merely wails together like a mini F1 car, the exhaust popping and banging each and every time you slot up the ‘box and, especially, when you again off the throttle. It’s high drama indeed but occasionally it really is so loud you have to deselect sport mode so as not to act like a demonstrate-off as you enter a village.

It truly is nimble, too. It may weigh far more than its Porsche rivals, but the F-variety Coupe is still darty and pointy, responding to inputs at the massive wheel with pace and agility. Responses are more muted than in a 911, with an effortless, Jag-like circulation from powering the wheel. It tracks flat via corners, with barely any human body roll, the common constrained slip diff assures wonderful traction and the brakes haul off the unavoidable speed with insouciance.

There need to be some undesirable news on the F-type Coupe?

Ahead of we get carried away – and, to a male, those in Automobile this week who drove the V6 S Coupe thought it was amazing – it is well worth noting the negatives. The most evident fault is the state of Jaguar’s electronics onboard. The touchscreen is seriously antiquated now compared with the German and Japanese opposition and you can not even press the bottom row of buttons in the touchscreen from my seating place except if you might be double-jointed. The electronic read through-out in amongst the dials in front of you is pixelated and reduced-tech, way too. Jag is operating on a new generation of multimedia screens and they are unable to arrive before long enough.

Beyond that, we are nit-picking. There are clearly no rear seats listed here, just a shallow cubby and a pair of coat hooks, which means that 2+2 enthusiasts will even now have to seem to the Germans. We loathe the evident afterthought of a reversing digicam blister puncturing the F’s rump the experience on our car’s optional 295/thirty ZR20 P-Zeros was sometimes way too company largely we have been amazed by how it flowed down the road on such massive rims. Nineteens are standard match. And we averaged 24mpg, some way off the claimed 31mpg – a reflection of the devilishly tempting nature of the V6 S.


Time for a confession. I drove the F-kind Coupe R the week prior to the V6 S arrived. And for all the bravura, the sheer punch and outright velocity of the V8, I desired the V6 S. As is so usually the circumstance, the R sent an excess of the excellent issues, leaving small sister to supply a purer, far more reasonably priced driving knowledge.

The F-kind Coupe V6 S is a fantastic vehicle that warrants to do effectively. The F family remains a exceptional sight on our streets, but we hope a lot more Porsche customers give it a go. If you can tummy the substantial cost, you may get an extremely excellent-seeking coupe inside of and out, one particular with fantastic driving manners and an epic powertrain that is every little bit as scintillating as a flat 6. They’ve different characters, the F-type and the Porsches, but we commend those who want to consider the flair of the Jag after this sort of a a longstanding repeat prescription of Germanic precision.