Getting Ready to Move to Another State – How to Get Your Car There Without Driving It

Have you recently accepted a new job or bought a new home in a different state? If so then there’s a good chance you have a lot on your plate right now, as moving to another state tends to require a lot more planning and organizing. You aren’t going to be able to make multiple trips back and forth, so getting the entire move done correctly and smoothly in one shot is key.

For many people who are moving to another state their car ends up being a source of stress. You may not want to drive it, so then how do you get it there? Perhaps you are planning to drive the moving truck, or maybe you’ll be flying to this new state. Regardless of the reason, there needs to be a simple and worry-free way to transport your vehicle.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can move your car to another state without having to actually drive it there yourself.

Find an Auto Transporter

Unless you’ve had to transport a vehicle before, there’s a good chance you don’t even know that auto transporters exist. These are companies that can move your car for you, taking all the stress off your plate.

Now here’s where you will want to be picky. Look for an auto transporter that is able to pick up your vehicle from your current residence, offers insurance coverage in shipping, offers a money back guarantee just in case your plans should change at the last minute, works all year-round, and offers both open or closed trailer shipment options so you can choose. Montway Auto Transport is an excellent example of a company that checks off all these boxes and can get your car to your destination without hassle.

How Auto Transporters Work

The way the auto transport system typically works is that you start by calling in for a quote. The transporter will ask such questions as the start and ending destination, the type of car, the condition that it’s in, if it’s had any modifications, and what kind of shipping you want (open or closed trailer). Keep in mind that open transport is the more cost-effective option. It tends to be about 35% less than closed trailer.

The transporter will then be able to provide you with a quote. If you’re happy with it, you can book it, making sure you ask about insurance coverage. The transporter will then either pick up the car from your current residence, or there will be a drop-off location you take it to. From there your car will be on its way to its new home without putting all the wear and tear and extra mileage on it.

Convenience Without Hassle

When it comes to moving to another state there is enough for you to worry about without having to wonder how to get your car to your new home without actually driving it there. A professional auto transporter will take all the stress off your plate, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move.