BMW M4 Convertible (2014) review

Large and a little wobbly, the outdated M3 Convertible struggled to show its screaming 4. V8 off in the very best possible light. Has the change to turbo electricity remodeled its alternative, the new M4 Convertible?

Give us the good new initial. I’m presuming there is some great news about the new BMW M4 Convertible?

There is certainly a lot. The kerbweight is down 40kg in contrast to the previous design, and the new twin-turbo straight six makes 11bhp and – this is the essential little bit – 111lb ft more torque. The M3 taxi frequently struggled to truly feel actually quick, not an affliction that blights this M4 edition.

Zero to 62mph will take 4.4sec with the ¬£2645 M-DCT gearbox that will account for 90% of income. That’s .3sec slower than the M4 Coupe with the exact same ‘box, but actually .2sec quicker than the aged M3 coupe. It really is the mid-selection however, that reaps the benefits of compelled induction. The M4 feels effortlessly fast, and that possibly issues a lot more in a M4 without having a roof.

The construction is also massively stiffer this time, banishing the scuttle shake and steering deflection fall-top M3 proprietors will be common with, and impeccable packaging final results in 4 suitable seats and a hood that merchants elegantly beneath a pleasingly trim rear deck in 20sec, whilst even now leaving space for luggage. Push a button on the bootlid when the roof is saved and the complete good deal lifts a bit to assist you reach your luggage, the wind deflector is excellent, and there is certainly now a Mercedes-design neck heater program that blows hot air from the seatback. Best for British winters.

And the negative. I imply, you will find got to be some poor news, correct?

Of system there is, but considerably significantly less than just before. The new turbo 6-cylinder¬†engine does a great work of disguising the cabrio’s heft, but you will find no obtaining absent from the truth that it’s carrying virtually 180kg much more flab than the coupe. It doesn’t come to feel very as savage, or as agile.

We’re even now not completely smitten with that engine, possibly. It really is effective, undoubtedly, but it is barely charismatic. Becoming crucial, you would have to say that the cabrio’s layout, though so much far better than most coupe-cabrio’s, isn’t really as handsome as the base coupe’s either.


If anything, the M4 Convertible rewards more from the new turbo engine than the Coupe does. The extra torque gives sturdy functionality, and its straightforward energy supply much better matches the character of a automobile that is most likely to commit much less time being spanked to within an inch of its daily life. Aspect in the enhanced structural rigidity and smarter roof and you’ve got got the components for a great GT.